Krogstadtunet – the place to be for a Norwegian experience.

Krogstadtunet has been in the Krogstad family since 1881 and a working farm until the mid 1960s. Today the farm is run by 3 generations focusing on tourism and has one of the largest private collections of old farm equipment and household products. The farm lies within easy access from the main road (E6) between Bardufoss (18 Km) and Sorreisa centre (4 Km).

Hunting for the Northern lights

A visit to Krogstadtunet in the winter can reveal a spectacular natural phenomenom knows as the northern lights (Aurelia Borealis).The clear night sky is decked with waves of color, from red to green to blue. Not to be missed.

Course: Bread baking in a stone fired oven

Nothing tastes better then home made bread right from the oven. Here at Krogstadtunet can you learn how to make your own bread, baked in a traditional stone fired oven.

Canoe hire

We have the perfect place for you to try your hand at canoeing as the river passes throught the farm. The farm has 2 easy to handle canoes for hire including life-vests. Both canoes can carry 3 adults. Please contact reception for more information.

River Walks

At the side of the main barbecue area is a small track that leads you down to "Tømmerelva" were you can wonder along its banks in peace and tranquility as the world passes you by. Here you will also find a small fishing hut were you can sit out of the rain if the need arises.
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